Vince, one of the three founders of, had a ridiculous number of siblings, a penchant for strolling the office while bouncing a basketball, and a desire to create a genuinely viral marketing campaign. Both the Tipping Point and the Ideavirus were recent bestsellers. The astonishingly fast growth of Hotmail had been attributed to the simple addition of a text footer to every outbound email, for which the term "viral marketing" was originally coined. Vince's ambition was to create a campaign where (on average) every recipient would forward it to more than one other person. I suspect that mostly happens through luck rather than design, but we knew no better and went for it.

The memories of "What the Flutter Happens Next?" are a little distant now, but it definitely involved a Flash game with an animated character who was drawn and redrawn until he looked almost but not quite the same as Vinnie Jones (I decided he'd be a perfect gameshow host for what we perceived was our laddish audience). It had funny sports video bloopers (animated frame-by-frame in that time before Flash video and Youtube), culled from stacks of VHS tapes. It was very successful at cheaply recruiting new customers but never quite broke the viral barrier, although we learned a lot that was applied in later campaigns.