The bane of every parent's life is that book their little kids really love, the one you have to read every night before bed for years. For our kids it was You Choose, a beautifully illustrated series of choices to make: where to live, what to wear, which friends to bring, what things you want in your dwelling.

My favourite spread was the two pages of where to live - everything from beaches and rain forests to mountains and seaside towns all in one picture. We thought this would be a more fun way to choose where to go on holiday than typing the name of a city into a search box. And indeed it can be quite hard to search for a hotel in a pretty seaside town; most sites ask you for a specific destination.

With the Zoomy Map, Russ made a clever interaction where zooming in and out as well as panning was controlled with just mouse movement (no clicking). People's reaction to choosing from the illustration was much more emotional and warm and happy. Although the dark forest scared some.