The iPhone is out, browsers on phones are getting serious, the App Store is launching. What can we do in this new market? At this stage no one believed that people would trust credit card purchases on a phone browser - perhaps rightly. We got the go-ahead to create a mobile web site for one of the few free products in the travel industry: restaurant bookings.

Fonefood taught us the ins and outs of mobile web back then. We included four languages, with restaurants across 11 countries. We added an iPhone app (featured in the App Store); a Nokia widget (promoted by Nokia). We integrated the data with maps, and had early browser-based geolocation as one of Google's first partners for Gears. We worked hard with our partner Livebookings, ran offers and campaigns. It was a small slice of a small pie, but it paved the way for much bigger mobile commerce efforts.

Did I mention before we made some ridiculous videos? For some reason the fonefood video involved persuading Jo and Ian to don the mobile phone outfits. Luckily for all involved the offending footage seems to have been removed from Youtube.