Our colleague Jay Fichialos at Sabre in Texas had started doing DevHouse events, and we thought we'd give it a try. The idea was 5 people, 5 days, make what these days you'd call a minimum viable product. At bit like an extended Hack Day. Our attempt led to TheatreClub, a Facebook app.

We'd done a deal with our theatre team and had access to group booking discounts at a bunch of shows - the difference was we'd assemble a group on Facebook first, and once the minimum number of people had been gathered, the group discounted tickets would be available to them all. The app was basically a group buying system for tickets. It worked pretty well technically, but at the time wasn't a big enough channel compared to the web site traffic. However as a product development experience the DevHouse process was a fantastic way to crunch a lot of design, architecture and thinking into one intense period.